Adult Opportunities

For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

Matthew 18:20

Adult Education:
Why join an adult study? An adult study is a great way to connect with other members of the church for friendship and support. Beyond the social aspect, diving into a study can be an antidote to a common adulthood ailment. In the Message Study Bible, Eugene Peterson offers this insight in his sidebar entitled What to do when delight diminishes.

"Our culture has failed precisely because it is a secular culture. A secular culture is a culture reduced to a thing or a function. Typically, at least at first, people are delighted to find themselves living in such a culture. It's wonderful to have all these things coming our way without having to worry about any purpose for them beyond our own pleasure. And it's wonderful to have all this incredible freedom to do so much without bothering about whether or not what we do has any meaning. But after a few years of this our delight diminishes, and we find ourselves lonely with all the things and bored with all the freedom. 

Our first response is to get more and do more, because that was exactly what made us so happy to begin with. But after a few years of this, we find that we aren't happier. And we're left scratching our heads. Even as Christians we're left scratching our heads.

Why? Well, it isn't because the Christian bible has pages missing; It's because we haven't seen all there is on the pages we already have. 

An adult bible study is an inroad into making fresh discoveries within the pages of your bible- leading to fresh discoveries in your own life!

Check out the available studies and other adult opportunities on the page below or contact our Christian Education Director, Anne Torgerson

Starting September 21: Wednesday Nights

Women's Study 6:30-7:30pm
in room 102 (lower level of church)

Women's Study: Create In Me A Heart Of Hope
Books can be purchased through the church for $15

Whether you're new to faith or a lifelong Christ follower, holding onto hope can be hard. This six week bible study is packed with observations and applications to help you:

-learn where hope comes from and the difference it can make in your life

-cling to God's truth when you're overwhelmed, hurt, or feeling trapped

-begin living with confidence as you firmly grasp God's hope

Whatever you're facing, God's unshakable hope can meet you there.

Adult Bible Study

Five Principles of the Ten Commandments
in the Church Parlor 

Have you ever wondered if the Ten Commandments are even relevant in your daily life?

Honestly, how many of us wake up in the morning and think, "I really need to refrain from murder today.".. or, "Maybe, I should rethink that bank heist I was planning..." And didn't Jesus only talk about two commandments? Do the other commandments hold significance for my life in the year 2022?

Join this interactive study and discussion group on the Five Principles of the Ten Commandments and discover new meaning in your relationships with others and with God as you weigh the full implications of the Ten Commandments. 

Tuesday Tune-Up!

Common Ground by Amber Neese, Author and Comedian
Begins September 27, 10:30am-12:00pm

Learn to live at peace with others even when you disagree...

Whether it is in politics, the professional world, a party or a pew- we face conflict every day. As discussions get more heated and social media is deluged with opinion-spewing, hurt feelings and broken relationships- we need hope and practical tools to navigate the tumultuous waters and live in peace with everyone.

In Common Ground, a four-week Bible study, Amberly Neese combines stories from the bible with personal experience, humor and hope to help women find practical help for facing conflict, navigating broken relationships, handling heated discussions and living at peace despite differences...

Upper room 

Men meet every other Tuesday (twice a month) at 12:00pm to discuss a popular Bible devotional. Lunch is provided. 

Prime timers

We are here to connect retired and semi-retired seniors and come together for support, fellowship, and fun. We are involved in many fun outings, adventures, and activities.
Contact Margot for more details: (605)343-1832
Tentative Schedule- 
MARCH 4th: Birthday Party
MARCH 18th: Birthday Party
APRIL 1st: Birthday Party
APRIL 15th: Alpine Inn and CC Camp
MAY 6th: Birthday Party
MAY 20th: Badlands and Wall for lunch
JUNE 3rd: Birthday Party
JUNE 17th: Badger Clark 

United Women IN Faith

United Women in Faith Mission Statement:
United Women in Faith seeks to connect and nurture women through Christian spiritual formation, leadership development, creative fellowship, and education so that they can inspire, influence and impact local and global communities. 

All ladies are invited to join for a focus on learning, service and worldwide missions.
SEPTEMBER 7th: Leadership Team 9:00am
SEPTEMBER 11th: Mission Fair, 8:30am-12:30pm
SEPTEMBER 16-17th: Southwest District UWF Annual Meeting and Retreat, Storm Mountain Center
SEPTEMBER 30th-OCTOBER 1st: Dakotas Conference UWF Annual Celebration, Aberdeen FUMC
OCTOBER 5th: Leadership Team, 9:00am, church parlor
OCTOBER 16th: Life & Music of Badger Clark with Pegie Douglas, 1:30-2:30pm
Treats will be offered in Fellowship Hall
OCTOBER 21st: Fall Bazaar set-up, 9:00am, Fellowship Hall
OCTOBER 22nd: Fall Bazaar, 9:00am-2:00pm, Fellowship Hall

Prayer shawl ministry 

Crochet or knit prayer shawls and other items given to those going through crisis. Meets monthly.

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