COVID-19 In-Person Worship Guidelines
in accordance with local, state and national CDC guidelines
If you’re feeling even a little bit under the weather, please stay home and worship with us through our livestream or facebook. 

Entering and Exiting the church

Attendants will hold doors open for people to enter.
You must wear a face mask while in the building.
You may pick up a disposable face mask and/or use hand sanitizer as you enter the building.
We encourage families to sit together.
Individuals should space themselves at least 6 feet apart.
Every other pew and the balcony will be empty.
After service, everyone will exit out the two side doors at the front of the sanctuary.


You may participate in worship by wearing a mask.
For the safety of all of our attendees we’ve removed all worship materials, follow the screens for service order.
You may provide offering through EFT, giving online at or by placing your offering in one of the
plates at the front or back of the sanctuary.
We aren’t able to provide childcare at this time. 

Ushers, Security and Safety/Sanitation teams

Our safety/sanitation crew will assist in keeping the church as clean as possible by wiping down surfaces and door handles and cleaning bathrooms in between services.
In addition to keeping us safe, security will ask a few screening questions when you arrive.
We’ll train our ushers to greet and seat you appropriately. 

By following these guidelines and respecting each other, we’re doing our best to keep everyone safe.