Congregational Care

Welcome to Our Congregational care ministry

For every season of life, there is a team of care ministers who are here for you.

Showing Christ's compassion through prayers, phone calls, visitations in-home or hospital.

Congregational Care Ministry team 

Four Key Concepts

1. Teamwork
2. Trust the Holy Spirit
3. Evaluate
4. Pray first 

Five Essentials

1. Recruit and Equip
2. Define Roles and Responsibilities
3. Establish and Documentation of Systems
4. Evaluate
5. Build 

What is god calling you to do? - Do you feel a nudge to join our team? 

How might your life experiences and story point you towards your calling? What are the resources you need to initiate? How can we help? 

Form For Care Ministers:

Questions about joining Our Ministry Team?

We love to clarify volunteering requirements. Please reach out if you still have questions.