The Depths of God’s Mercy

Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins…. (Acts 2:38)

I recommend reading Acts 2 again.

Lydia Baxter was born in Petersburg, New York and was converted to Christ under the preaching of Eben Tucker, a Baptist evangelist. She was married and worked tirelessly for Christ Jesus until a severe illness left her bedridden. Her attitude was so sunny that the Baxter home became a gathering place for Christian workers. Lydia told friends how she could be radiant despite her health problems. Lydia said, “I have a special armor. I have the name of Jesus.” Lydia also wrote gospel songs. She wrote the hymn, “Take the Name of Jesus with You” in 1871 from her study of the
precious name of Jesus in the Bible. Her other hymn, “The Gate Ajar,” spoke of Christ’s leaving the gate open for us.

My prayer for the week:
Dear Lord, We have great joy knowing of hope and love You provide us each day. Thank you for Your mercy when struggle to meet our daily challenges. You give us strength to continue to serve and praise you. Amen