Rescued by a Child


God takes our conventional wisdom and turns it upside down.  What we consider wisdom, God declares as foolishness. Imagine God saying, “Seriously?” to ideas we think are the smartest ever…
For instance, we may do everything possible in our capacity to protect our own lives and sense of comfort, while God says the path is discovered as we give our lives away in service to others. Or with pride we emphasize the importance of growth and maturity.  Yet God teaches that to best receive what God offers, our approach should be that of a humble, trusting child.

When will we learn?  You’d think we could have figured all this out by now…

It’s a good thing that God doesn’t give up on us.  Again and again, another chance is offered.  It’s there, or should I say He’s there, as God’s gift for our human predicament.  Entering our world in the lowliest of circumstances, a child has been born for our rescue.  The child has come as the very embodiment of God’s wisdom and ways.  His presence is that of the little child who will lead us—along with all of creation—into the renewal of God’s original design and the fulfillment of God’s astounding purposes.  His name is Jesus.  He’s here for you, for me.

In the next weeks we’ll be exploring the question of “Who is Jesus?”  Along the way, we’ll look at what he said, what he did, what others said about him.  We’ll sort through the matters of what He means right now for you, for me.  Please join us Sunday mornings, hopefully in church (we would love to see you), but you can also watch online at our homepage.  Either way, we invite you to come experience not only the rescue He brings, but the life in which we are abundantly loved, together… a life for which we are being rescued.
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