Rescue & Watchfulness


Watchfulness.  We set out today for a journey over the next few weeks, a journey seeking Rescue. Watchfulness is our starting point.  The Rescue is a gift we receive from a God who gave us nothing less than God’s own self.  This incredible present is the very presence of the creator of all that is, ever was, and ever will be.

So why do we need Rescue?  Because of our own humanity. In ways, large and small we’re torn and conflicted.  I know for me, the good things I intend to do, I don’t.  The things I wish I could stop doing seem to be never-ending habits.  The person I want to become stands in my imagination just outside my grasp, in spite my best intentions.  Who will Rescue me from this life-sapping, exhausting struggle?  Who will Rescue you?  Rescue comes from the One who was, who is, and who will come again. This Rescue is a promise we have received.

Child boy traveling by amd looking from a window.

And so we watch. 

Watchfulness includes waiting.  That part can test our patience.  We spend lots of time waiting for what’s next.  Waiting for a day’s work to end, waiting for the weekend, waiting for vacation…waiting in line, waiting for an appointment, waiting for test results…waiting for treatments, waiting through treatments, waiting to see if treatments have done the job…waiting for others, waiting to grow-up, waiting for love, waiting for commitment…waiting to see if diet and exercise will work, waiting for things to slow down, waiting for life that is truly life, waiting for life that is beyond life…
We’re watching and waiting, but they’re not separate from the Rescue. Each activity is essential…we play an active role.  Dreaming and longing set the stage for Rescue.  We name our highest hopes, our deepest desires to Live Life Loved.  We watch.  We wait.  We remember God has come to us, is among us, and will return to us.  Even in watching and waiting streams of living water flow.  As water drawn from a crystal-clear spring, to soothe a parched throat, the thirst of our inner being is satisfied through the down payment already provided.  The Spirit of God is present and pointing to a greater reality yet to come.  God who began a great work in Bethlehem will bring all things to completion through that same child, our Savior, our Rescuer.  The Rescue already underway will be complete.  Until then, we Watch, and can be confident, reminding ourselves that God is busily at work on our behalf.
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Sunday next week, December 4, thoughts on Rescue will move from Watchfulness to Preparation.