Rescue & Preparation

“Prepare the way of the Lord.” For those who are familiar, that phrase credited to  John the Baptist may bring-to-mind a certain song. If you’re a fan of the musical Godspell (or have a little time and are curious), here’s a link to a clip from the original 70’s movie version… Try not to get distracted by the time capsule hair, clothing, etc., but watch the attitude (then come back here and finish reading)… Did you notice the joy and abandon with which people hear the call, drop everything and move toward being washed clean? They prepare for what’s next. They leave things behind as they move forward. Real life isn’t quite as easy as a movie musical though, is it?
Each moment we are alive is the present. Our time, second by second, is leaving a trail of the past. As we press on into the future, our next moment, our next step, do we step with faith? Or do we step with regret, fear, or maybe anger? Or are we oblivious that we have a choice and that it matters?
MŠdchen betrachtet AdventskranzWalking through Advent, and Christianity in general, we can strive to live presently in thankful, mindful balance. It’s a tension of looking ahead to God’s great plan, while at the same time, respecting the past, recognizing where God has already been at work, revealing grace to us. The Bible shows us where God’s people have been, mistakes made and lessons learned…how love saves and has been modeled to us through Jesus and what we need to know about the very nature of God… A faith community provides a place where we can hear and live together through similar stories, but from contemporary timelines…Yes, God still performs miracles, large and small with people right here around us.
Individually, as we stop today and look at our lives—as we Prepare—where has God already been at work that we can recognize and be thankful? If we’ve never really paid attention to that presence, it might be hard to pinpoint… Or we might blame God for things that are people’s doing (That whole “free will” thing humanity’s got going on, really gives God a bad rap…). What memories—Christmas or otherwise—add to that thankfulness? What regrets or bitterness do we have that we need to drop and walk away from, seeking forgiveness, as we Prepare for Rescue?
When we travel, it pays to  pack only what we need. We don’t want to take too much. We don’t want to leave the necessary behind… We travel a journey to Rescue. What do you really need, and need to give up, to be Prepared?
Hear more about the idea of being Prepared through Pastor Greg Kroger’s sermon from December 4, 2016.
Next Sunday, December 11, 2016 at 8 a.m. we will have a traditional service with the Sermon theme of “Joy” then at 9:30 and 11 a.m. we will have our Christmas pageant “Twas the Night Before” presented by our children. Please join us!