Prayer Warriors

14Our Breakthrough Prayer Team meets on Monday nights at 6:30 PM in the Chapel. Come join this wonderful group if you would like to become a Prayer Warrior for our church! For more information or to join this team of prayer warriors, contact the First UMC Office at 342-4498.
Prayer Warriors are individuals or groups dedicated to praying for others through intercessory prayer, or in other words, praying on someone else’s behalf. The term ‘Prayer Warrior’ refers to the act of taking up a defense (proactive or reactive) for another in prayer. Similar to how a solider takes up the defense of their country for the good of others, without asking anything in return.
Many Prayer Warriors believe they are called or lead to pray for others; that by praying for others they intercede with God on behalf of the person or group they are praying for. There are dedicated individuals and groups of Prayer Warriors that pray for political leaders, soldiers in combat (and their constant protection from harm) to individuals and groups that pray for a changes in their neighborhoods, communities, or even families.
Christian Prayer Warriors also typically pray for the salvation, being forgiven of sins through the sacrifice of Christ’s death and resurrection whereby through the grace of God eternal life is given, of others who do not profess to be Christian’s.