Prayer Shawl Ministry

What is a Prayer Shawl?
A Prayer Shawl is made to comfort and encourage those who are weak and weary. They symbolize the healing power of God and are made with prayers and love. When recipients use a shawl it envelopes them in warmth and prayers from the community of First United Methodist Church.
Who are Prayer Shawls for?
Our hope is anyone who is in need of prayer, hope, comfort and love of a community receives a shawl. Requests are made by families, friends or anyone. Prayer Shawls are given to people of all ages.
How are the Prayer Shawls made?
Prayer Shawls are knitted or crocheted by people of the FUMC. As they are being created, the craftsperson prays for the healing of the future recipient. In this way prayer is literally woven into the shawl as it is made.
How can I share in this ministry?
If you would like to make Prayer Shawls, share in the next meeting of the Prayer Shawl Ministry. At these periodic gatherings knitters and crocheters gather to encourage one another and pray together, create shawls, and share stories of the ministry. If you are interested in supporting this ministry, but don’t knit or crochet, you may give a monetary donation that will be put toward the purchase of yarn. Please come to one of the Prayer Shawl Ministry Meetings and we will connect you to a mentor who can assist you in learning.
How are the Prayer Shawls Given?
We have a supply of Prayer Shawls available so that anyone who knows someone in need can select one and deliver it. When delivering a Prayer Shawl we suggest that the giver explain that the shawl was made with prayer and to also pray with the recipient.