O Lord, Send the Power Now

And when they were come in, they went up into the upper chamber, where they were abiding, (Acts 1:13)
I recommend reading Acts 1.
Charles Tillman was born in Tallassee, Alabama just as the Civil War was heating up.  His father was a traveling evangelist and Charles accompanied him on his campaigns.  Charles first worked as a house painter and then became a traveling salesman for a music company.  Charles established his own publishing company and published twenty volumes of gospel songs. Tillman then began writing the words and music for his own gospel songs.  He wrote the gospel hymn “They Were in an Upper Chamber” in 1895 based on Acts. He helped establish Southern gospel music. He also wrote the beloved songs such as “My Mother’s Bible’ and “When I Get to the End of the Way.”

My prayer for the week: Dear Lord, Help us how to use Your wisdom and Your love to grasp the meaning of Your power.  Show us how to apply Your wisdom in our work and daily worship and walk with You. In Jesus Name we  pray. Amen