Live life loved

“Live life large.” Have you heard of that? It’s supposed to mean live life on your own terms, get all you want out of this world. In some ways it sounds great, but it’s not necessarily the best way to go … At Rapid City First United Methodist Church, we prefer the focus of “Live life loved.”

We know if you’re struggling in life right now, your reaction may be, “Live life loved. What the heck?” For instance…

If you’ve been in any relationship where guilt, shame and abuse of any kind are heaped upon you, or where people don’t seem to care abouyou, love may not seem real – or it seems warped, ugly, self-serving…

If you have made personal choices that sent you down a road you wish you hadn’t traveled, it can be impossible to feel loved, to feel worthy of love, or to give love…

If life is nothing but hard—when existence is a struggle for food, shelter, time, sobriety… you or someone you care about is suffering through cancer or other illness…when someone you love has recently died, just waking up in the morning can be painful. How do you live life loved?
During the season of Advent, beginning the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we begin a journey toward Christmas. We spend four weeks creating a little room in our normal, everyday lives for a big thought on faith and where it comes from. The gift of Rescue. We are rescued by a King. No matter what is going on in our lives, there is a loving Savior who will walk through it with us and change us from the inside out.  It is each of us making a claim on God’s love that gets it started.

To those who already know the love we’re talking about:

Live life loved. Who are we, when we know or remember we are loved? We are better. We are happier, calmer, more at peace. We feel supported. When we receive love, claim love, we have love to give. Even when life is at its hardest.

When we live life loved, we remember who we are and whose we are: God’s child. One forgiven by and embraced by the living Christ.
When we live life loved, we are people in action, people serving our families, friends and community.
At Rapid City First United Methodist Church, we love, grow and serveWe live life loved.

Honestly, we are human, so we don’t always do it well, but we do it! We keep practicing, and like new skaters on the ice, hold each other up in joy.

You can too. We welcome you to join us. We can support you while we all continue to learn about the love offered from God who made and brought you here. We even have a weekly study, Under Wraps, going on during Advent that helps teach more about God. Sundays, each service will focus on different aspects of this journey and our rescue as we move toward Christmas.

You are valuable, you are worthy, you are loved. You can choose to live life loved. We welcome you to contact or visit us if you’d like to learn more.


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