Lay Pastors

What is Lay Pastor Ministry?
The Lay Pastor Ministry is a group of individuals who have chosen to share their spiritual gifts from God with the congregation and the pastors of First United Methodist Church. The program is designed to match the individual’s gifts with the needs of the church.
What type of training is received by Lay Pastors?
The individuals are trained initially and receive on-going training by the Pastor and Associate Pastors of FUMC. The training provides them with the tools needed to share their gifts with the church.
What are the areas which Lay Pastors serve?
There are a variety of areas in which to serve. Those include teaching bible studies, praying for our congregation or individuals, assisting during the worship service, visiting congregation members who are hospitalized or homebound and any other area which their gifts are effective.
Why do we need a Lay Pastor Ministry?
A growing church must work hard to keep a warm caring atmosphere. Lay pastors will be a supplement and complement to the clergy and staff’s on-going care for the church. Moses was told by God to choose qualified leaders to assist with the people’s needs. This is the role of our lay pastors as well.
Who needs a Lay Pastor?
We all do at times.
God says, “Comfort my people” in Isaiah 40:1. All too often many members say, “No one is concerned for me…No one cares for my life.” Psalms 142:4
Some become ill and no one knows about it.
Some stop coming to worship service and no one misses them.
Some face critical decisions, and no one is praying for them.
Some are lonely and no one calls or visits.
Some need a leader in teaching God’s word.
“Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity.” Titus 2:7
Who are the Lay Pastors?
Members of the church who feel a calling for involvement in ministry and are willing to be trained.
Persons willing to make the commitment of time and effort.
Persons committed to growing in the understanding of both WORD and DEED.
Persons in whom the Community of Believers can place trust and confidence, including confidentiality.
Persons who are supportive of the church staff and programs.
Is God Calling You?
You need to prayerfully seek God and ask Him to help you to discern His special plan and calling for your life. Ask Him to give you the faith and courage to follow wherever He leads you.