Lay Pastors Weekly 5-01-16

O Lamb of God, I Come!
All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes Me I will be no means cast out. John 6:37
I recommend reading John 6.
Charlotte Elliott of Brighton, England was an embittered woman with a temper. Her health was broken and her disability had hardened her. A Swiss minister, Dr Cesar Malan, came to visit her. She railed against God in a violent outburst. As he talked with her, Charlotte softened. Charlotte came just as she was and her heart was changed that day. Verse John 6:37 became a special verse to her. Charlotte wrote the poem “Him That Cometh to Me I Will in No Wise Cast Out” in 1836. The hymn “Just As I Am” based on this poem has since become the most famous invitational hymn in history. Charlotte lived to be 82 and wrote about 150 hymns.
My prayer for the week:
Dear Lord, we are safe with You. We need to take time to listen to You speaking to our soul. You are our wake-up call. Thank you for Your precious gifts to us. Praise God. Amen