Hear the Voice of the Lord

The God of our fathers has chosen you that you should know His will, and see the Just One, and heart the voice of His mouth. Acts 22:14

Recommended Reading: Acts 22

Daniel Roberts was born in Long Island. He attended college in Ohio and served as a private with the 84th Ohio Volunteers during the War Between the States. When the war ended, he was ordained as a deacon in the Presbyterian Episcopalian Church and shortly afterward was ordained as a priest. He spend the next thirty years pasturing Episcopalian churches in New England. Daniel wrote the hymn, “God of Our Fathers” in 1876 to celebrate the one hundredth birthday of America. He set it to the tune of the Russian national anthem. Twelve years later George Warren, a self-taught organist, composed the stately tune with its trumpet fanfares to commemorate the hundred anniversary of the U.S. Constitution.

Dear Lord, we hear You calling us to serve You and to bring others to know Your will. You are by our side and in our hearts at all times helping us to follow the Holy Spirit. Praise God for giving us His son, Jesus. Amen.