Say No to Temptation!!!
…He said to them, “Pray that you may not enter Into temptation. Luke 22:40 recommend reading Luke 22.  Horatio Palmer was one of New York City’s favorite musicians. Horatio grew up in a musical family. He joined the church choir conducted by his father when he was seven. He attended Rushville Academy. He stayed after graduation to become music professor and worked there for ten years. He also served as the choir director for the local Baptist Church. After further training in Europe, he moved to Chicago, where he wrote theory books, edited a musical journal, and developed choral unions and music festivals. He then moved back to New York. He organized a massive church choral union that eventually grew to twenty thousand singers. He worked young people and wrote several hymns on temptation. He wrote the hymn, “Yield Not to Temptation” in 1868. My prayer for the week: Dear Lord, along the highway of like we meet with many temptations and we are excited because we know you are with us. You give us the courage to say no to our daily temptations. Thank you Lord for being with us at all times. Amen Happy Easter!!!